Tim Robbins Stumps for Edwards

Dec 12, 2007 11:09am

ABC News’ Raelyn Johnson Reports: Democratic presidential candidate former Sen. John Edwards’ tour bus brought some star power to Iowa City, Iowa Wednesday where Hollywood actor and director Tim Robbins joined the democratic contender for a day of campaigning. 

Robbins’ debut comes as celebrities and high profile surrogates of rival campaigns hit the trail in the closing weeks before the Jan. 3rd Iowa caucuses.

Robbins took the stage at a town hall meeting, telling several hundred supporters, "I’m not Oprah."

"That’s okay with me!" yelled an older man in the crowd.

"Eight months ago with eight viable candidates running we were being sold a fiction of this being a two person race.  Why, no one had voted yet?" Robbins said, criticizing the media coverage Edwards has received. 

Despite his personal attempt to boost Edwards’ campaign, Robbins said he would ultimately support Sen. Hillary Clinton or Sen. Barack Obama — the frontrunners according to polls in Iowa — if they become the nominee.

We need to "band together to get the crooks and the liars to take a vacation from Washington," Robbins said. 

Reading prepared remarks off a paper, Robbins spoke for about ten minutes and suggested Iowans are coming around to his campaign.

"Maybe it’s his honestly, his integrity, maybe it’s his wife," Robbins said, "Maybe it’s because actions speak louder than words. Whatever it is, there is a third person in this race and I have a feeling that he’ll be pulling ahead of the other two soon."

"You can feel American rising right now," Edwards told supporters. "You can feel Iowa caucus goes saying enough is enough we want our democracy back we want this war ended, we want universal healthcare, we want to get off our addiction to carbon based fuels right here in Iowa."

Nearly 400 hundred supporters packed into a room in the Iowa City library to hear Edwards and Robbins speak.  Prior to the event, members of the SEIU union were screaming "President Edwards."

The crowd was so tightly packed in that people were inadvertently turning the light switch on and off and as they slid across the room walls to get to get a better view.

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