Bill on Hillary’s Debate Performance: ‘I Thought She Was Great’

Apr 17, 2008 9:19am

ABC News’ Sarah Amos Reports: Former President Bill Clinton was in high spirits this morning as he took to the stage in Erie, Pennsylvania, eager to talk about what he thought of his wife’s performance at ABC News’ Democratic debate last night in Philadelphia.

“So, I want to begin by saying, I don’t know if you saw that debate last night, but I did, and I thought she was great. She was great because she showed the strength and leadership and knowledge of the issues that is very important to the next president, and and she didn’t hedge, beat around the bush on tough questions like Iran, she told us what she was gonna do on Health care, she told us what she was gonna do on jobs. That’s what you want in a president. Someone who is leading for you,” Clinton told the crowd on the campus of Erie University of Pennsylvania.

Clinton went on to sprinkle debate references throughout his 45 minute speech, at one point saying he thought her answer on Iran was excellent as well.  Joining the former president on the stump today is a longtime friend and Hillary Clinton supporter, Ted Danson.  Danson’s glowing description of Hillary during his introduction prompted Clinton to remind the crowd that the Hillary he knows is not the one he says has been created by the media and her opponent. 

“I couldn’t help thinking – I didn’t mean to start with this but I think I will. You heard what he said about Hillary? That’s what the people who know her think. That is very different than the image that they have tried to create for her, isn’t it, in the media, and out of the other campaign, who are always nagging, nagging, nagging. You heard it for 15 months, you know? How come no one who knows her believes that?" Clinton asked the crowd, explaining that the people who really know her realize she is in it for the people. 

Clinton is keeping a busy schedule today with 6 stops in some of the more rural and remote parts of Pennsylvania, including Warren and Lock Haven. 

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