9/11 Mastermind: You Don’t Know Al Qaeda

By Thomas Nagorski

Aug 1, 2008 2:27pm

Never thought we’d hear Khalid Sheikh Mohammed talk about changing oil filters. The topic came up as he told the war crimes court at Guantanamo Bay how off-base he believes U.S. investigators are in their assessment of Osama Bin Laden’s driver. From the AP dispatch: "The accused mastermind of the Sept. 11 attacks told a U.S. war crimes court…that Osama bin Laden’s driver had no role in al Qaeda attacks and was unfit to carry them out. Anyone who thought all bin Laden’s associates were involved in his plots ‘is a fool and does not understand al Qaeda,’ Khalid Sheikh Mohammed said in written comments submitted as defense evidence in the trial of Yemeni prisoner Salim Hamdan…’He was not a soldier, he was a driver,’ Mohammed said according to a redacted English translation of his Arabic…’He was not fit to plan or execute. But he is fit to change trucks’ tires, change oil filters, wash and clean cars and fasten cargo in pick up trucks,’ said Mohammed, who called himself the military official responsible for overseeing al Qaeda cells abroad and ‘the executive director of 9/11.’"

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