McCain Energized on Energy

Aug 5, 2008 1:49pm

ABC News’s Bret Hovell reports: With the cooling towers of the Enrico Fermi nuclear plant in the background, Sen. John McCain called for an expanded push into nuclear power, reiterating his plan to drill for oil off shore, and criticizing his rival for the White House for his energy policies.

McCain seemed to be referring to charges Obama made today, as well as in a recent ad, in which the Democrat accused the Republican of being in the pocket of Big Oil because of campaign contributions made to his campaign. (Similar contributions were made to Obama, but in lesser total amounts.)

McCain’s response seemed to be answering a slightly different charge.

“I think he might be a little confused,” McCain said with a chuckle. “Because when the energy bill came to the floor of the Senate, full of goodies and breaks for the oil companies, I voted against it, Senator Obama voted for it.”

“People care not only what you say but how you vote,” McCain said.

McCain also reiterated his “all of the above” approach to solving the energy crisis, he plugged off-shore drilling hard, and he criticized Senator Obama’s apparent flip-flop on that issue.

“I noticed that there’s confusing, now, information from Senator Obama as to whether he actually supports off-shore drilling or not,” McCain said. “The fact is that we have to drill here and we have to drill now, and we have to dill immediately.”

And he again called on Congress to come back from recess to work on the energy crisis, and asked Obama to do the same.

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