The Afternoon Meeting

By Thomas Nagorski

Aug 4, 2008 4:20pm

Remember "Edouard", that tropical storm which may be a hurricane by the time it makes landfall tomorrow? The one that looked like a sure-fire lead story for the broadcast this morning? Well our correspondent just checked in. "Skies are blue, winds are minimal, rain nonexistent," Steve Osunsami told us from Galveston, TX. That will change, no doubt, but for now it doesn’t sound like a lead. That’s the main morning-to-afternoon change here; that, and fresh news about Ted Kennedy, Morgan Freeman, Jet Blue and more drama on the world’s second-tallest mountain. And — in addition to the pre-Olympic attack and protests from China — we’ll have a wonderful profile of three siblings who are all headed for Beijing, and all competing in a single sport. That’s World News for this evening.

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