The Morning Meeting

By Thomas Nagorski

Aug 7, 2008 10:38am

The best thing about our profession may be this simple fact: We come to work armed with questions, and then we spend our days doing our best to answer them. Among today’s questions: Whether or not Bruce Ivins was guilty of anthrax poisoning, how did a man with his psychiatric difficulties reach such a high level in such a high-security field? Who screens these scientists? Why is Hillary Clinton’s convention role still an issue for the Democratic Party, just two and a half weeks before the event? As the Olympic Games get underway, what will China do with the smattering of protestors who disrupt things? And while we’re on the subject of China — what’s happened to the millions of Chinese in the quake-altered zones? If Iraq is earning tens of billions of dollars in oil revenues, should it not be paying more for its own reconstruction? How much of that money have the Iraqis actually spent? Or is it the U.S. that should foot the bill, because many of the facilities being rebuilt were destroyed during the U.S. invasion? Are the U.S. automakers destined to become little more than distributors for other companies? And — is it fair and just that Brett Favre is back — but not with The Pack? Stay tuned for answers…and more questions.

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