Mommy Peace…

Sep 29, 2008 2:43pm

OK, it is officially time to put the Mommy Wars to rest once and for all. They are a myth. Do you really know a single working or not working mother who has time to indulge in a theoretical debate about whether or not they should do a job? For a start, most moms these days don’t have much choice — especially with the economy looking increasingly like a submarine headed for the sea floor — they have to work. And those who do choose to stay home tend to be far too busy corralling toddlers to worry about what their neighbors are doing.

We don’t think the Mommy Wars exist, most of us are just struggling to get it right by ourselves. So it was good to see this note of sanity on the subject in The Guardian.

Isn’t it what we all know: a happy Mom makes a happy family? And whatever it takes to get there, whether it’s cubicle or kitchen or, ideally a sane mix of both, is noboby’s business but yours.

And check out this site, Mumsnet, too — lots of good info.


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