Want A President You Can Have A Beer With?

By Thomas Nagorski

Sep 23, 2008 3:01pm

No one wants to have a beer with Barack Obama, it seems. Many would like to have a beer with Joe Biden. John McCain, maybe. Sarah Palin, for sure. This "have-a-beer" as presidential quality may be an exclusively American phenomenon. A quick search finds, among other things, that George W. Bush routinely beat John Kerry in actual "who’d-you-prefer-to-have-a-beer-with" polls. It also turns up this letter to the Berkshire Eagle, published Sunday: "Some people who voted for George W. Bush did so solely on the premise that he is a ‘guy’s guy.’…because he seems like the kind of guy you could ‘sit down and have a beer with.’ You know, kick back with a couple of ice cold Budweisers, talk about deer hunting, and then go out back and cut down some trees together. I recently watched Barack Obama go one-on-one in a game of basketball with Stuart Scott from ESPN. I watched this and thought ‘Hey, I’d love to see him run our country because he seems like the kind of guy you could shoot some hoops with.’ I don’t know too much about John McCain’s hobbies and interests. However, gauging from the fact that he is 72-years-old, he seems like the kind of guy you could sit down and watch "The Price is Right" with and talk about how much better the show was with Bob Barker. I don’t want to sit down and have a beer with our president. I want him to run our country effectively." And from a like-minded blogger: "Where’d we get this notion that the President of the United States should be a drinking buddy? Where did we get the notion that the strongest nation on earth should be led by a folksy, easy-to-like drunk?…When facing down the leader of a rogue nation in a series of intense negotiations, I don’t want the guy shooting pool at the corner bar, I want someone with a head for the job, for God’s sake.." What do you think?

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