Melamine Scare Hits U.K. Sex Toys

Oct 21, 2008 9:29am

BY PHILIP VICTOR, ABC News London The Chinese melamine scandal has already killed 4 and hospitalized thousands of young children and babies.  Chinese dairy producers have been blamed for adding the chemical to products such as baby formula and chocolates in order to make them appear high in protein.   In fact, Reuters news agency has estimated the number to be close to 94,000 children who are either in the hospital or have released because of melamine linked illness.  In a striking new twist to the scandal, the melamine laced products have found their way into the U.K. by way of chocolate flavored sex toys.  That’s right.  Those looking to spice up their love life with a little chocolaty kinkiness have now been warned about the affected products.    The U.K.’s Food Standards Agency issued a food alert for the following contaminated food toys including:  The Chocolate Body Pen The Strawberry Body Pen Chocolate Flavored Willy Spread Chocolate Flavored Nipple Spread Food Standards Agency says that the products were manufactured in Zhongshan, China by the manufacturer Le Bang and imported into the UK by Scobie (Llarn) Ltd. They have been sold to a number of Ann Summers stores in the UK.  “Scobie (Llarn) Ltd has removed the affected products from sale,” the FSA added in a statement on its website.  Ann Summers’ stores have also removed the products from their shelves.  The U.K.’s Guardian newspaper quoted a spokesperson from the sex store chain saying: "As a responsible retailer we have tested all of our chocolates and even before the FSA alert was issued had taken all relevant steps to remove the chocolate willy spread product that could be affected by this issue." The European Commission on its website says that “all products originating from China and containing more than 15% of milk as an ingredient must be checked for the presence of melamine.”  The E.C. has also ordered that any products containing more than 2.5mg of melamine per kg are “to be immediately destroyed.”    Both body pen sets contained 126 mg/kg, the willy spread 152 mg/kg, and the nipple spread 259 mg/kg.    A spokerperson for the FSA in a statement on the agency’s website said: “This is a first. We’ve never had to put out an alert before on ‘willy spread’ – chocolate-flavored or otherwise.”  He did however add that “if anybody has used any of the affected products they shouldn’t worry, the risk from the melamine in these products is low and it is very unlikely to be harmful.” Read more blogs from Philip Victor Read more blogs from the ABC News Staff

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