‘Crap Wrap’

Dec 19, 2008 12:48pm

ABC News’ Stu Schutzman reports: No, you’re not seeing things, the headline on today’s blog is indeed –"crap wrap". It’s the brainchild of a British on-line gift catalogue called Firebox.com. "Crap Wrap" is Firebox’ gift to men who don’t want the hassle of wrapping themselves, but do want their wives or significant others to think they did. More on the particulars later but first to the site itself. With less than a week to go before the big day, you will find some, to say the least, interesting last minute "gift" ideas. How about Bloomin Wild Hibiscus Flowers. For $13.95 you get a jar of dormant Hibiscus petals; place them in a glass of champagne and voila — a bloomin flower. Good for weddings, birthdays and christenings, says the site, "we guarantee party-goers will be blown away." There are gift categories labeled games, tots, lifestyle, and technology, to name just a few. Try clicking on "geek" — my personal favorite. "Ever wondered what Plutonium’s atomic number is while lathering up," asks the site? Here’s the perfect gift, the Periodic Table Shower Curtain for only $29.95. Tired of storing your "valuable data and Death Star plans on flimsy CDs"? Worry no more, Star Wars Mimobots are the memory sticks you’ve been looking for–from $69.95. "Who needs time on their side," asks the site, "when you can have it on your front?" It’s about time for Time Tee, the tee shirt with the electro-luminescent digital  clock/stopwatch right on your chest–$39.95. And now for the final touch –"Crap Wrap." Firebox will wrap these gems for that special someone as sloppily as you would if you wrapped them yourself. This "uniquely shoddy gift wrapping option" uses offensive brown tape on unevenly cut wrapping paper with rips all over it exposing the box beneath as if you wrapped it yourself wearing boxing gloves. "Cheering news for lazy men," says the Daily Telegraph, "it makes you proud to be British."

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