What ‘He’s Got A Gun!’ Means to a Football Player

Jan 13, 2009 3:05pm

ABC News’ Stu Schutzman reports: Boy, that quarterback’s got some arm! He can throw the ball 60 yards; he’s got a gun!  And boy, by today’s standards, is that description archaic. Today, when you hear "he’s got a gun" — and the "he" is a football player…he probably does have a gun. More and more NFL players admit to carrying guns. And more and more are involved in incidents involving the use of guns. At least six players faced gun related charges last year. Adam "Pacman" Jones, star defensive back for the Tennessee Titans, was arrested in connection with a triple shooting near a Las Vegas strip club in 2007. cooperated and the charges were reduced. The league suspended him for a year; the Titans fired him. Apparently believing in the basic repentant nature of football players, the Dallas cowboys hired him this year…and they too fired him. Now, reports ESPN, there maybe another incident in which Jones may have allegedly ordered a hit at a strip club — this time near Atlanta. Asked by ESPN if he ever arranged a "hit", Jones replied "no". Jones may want to re-think strip clubs as his recreational venue of choice. Then there’s Marvin Harrison, star receiver for the Indianapolis Colts, allegedly involved in a shooting incident near his Philadelphia car wash, or at least his gun was. ESPN reports today that although no charges have been filed, the DA has a statement from a wounded victim who says Harrison was gripping a gun. And who could forget New York Giants star receiver Plaxico Burress’ exploits at a Manhattan night club a few months ago when the gun he was carrying went off in his pocket wounding his leg. A firestorm of criticism ensued. Burress’ behavior was already a distraction before the shooting. "Throw the bum out" screamed the media and  Giants fans in unison. The Giants complied and suspended him for the year. "He’ll never wear Giants blue again" was the resounding sentiment on sports talk radio. Not so fast. Burress’ absence was construed by many as a major impediment to the Giants dreams of a Super Bowl championship repeat — "Burress destruction of the Giants is complete" reads today’s Providence Journal. And now the Giants have left the door wide open for Burress’ return next year. Seems he’s too much money in the bank. Marvin Harrison’s still playing. How long before Pacman Jones is deemed repentant…yet again.  Seems like, in football’s version of boys behaving badly, there’s risk and reward; do something really stupid and risk everything…and then get rewarded.

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