Obama Inaugural: Famous Firsts

By Thomas Nagorski

Jan 18, 2009 3:48pm

Care to impress your friends with some inaugural facts — trivial and otherwise?

Everyone knows that George Washington was our first president; that Barack Obama will be our first African-American president. But did you know any/all of the following?

First president to wear long trousers (rather than stockings): John Adams

First inaugural covered by telegraph: Polk

First to be photographed: Buchanan

First first lady to ride with husband from Capitol to White House: Nellie Taft

First inaugural to include women in the parade: Wilson

First covered nationally by radio: Coolidge

First televised nationally: Truman

Last to wear a top hat: Kennedy

First to use a fortified, bullet-proof limo: Lyndon Johnson

First to have protection from a Marine Corps biosecurity unit: Clinton

First to use YouTube in an inauguration: Obama

(Thanks to the New York Times’ Jim Rutenberg for these!)

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