Obama, Week One: World Newser Survey Results

By Thomas Nagorski

Jan 27, 2009 7:05pm

As promised, the results of our utterly informal, totally unscientific survey — of the first week of the Obama presidency. Among those of you who expressed an opinion, 58 percent gave a thumbs-down; 35 percent a thumbs-up; the remainder no discernible opinion. Many of you gave the new President good marks for style and speech-making, not so for substance (we put those in the "thumbs-down" column). Mr. Obama received A’s and F’s, and everything in between. The bulk of the commentary — on substance, anyhow — had to do with Mr. Obama’s dismantling of George W. Bush’s system of holding and interrogating people at Guantanamo Bay and elsewhere, in the war against terrorism. "I don’t like anything he has done in his first week in office," wrote Vivian. "If he has his way terrorists will be free again…" Nonsense, others said. Paul Wall posted the following: "He is closing secret kangaroo courts at Guantanamo Bay, not letting terrorists go free. They will be moved to military prisons in the U.S. and will be given habeas corpus rights. Most will remain in military prisons the rest of their lives." And while most of you seemed to like the inaugural address — there was also this, from Melanie Keffer: "Tacky, to the end of the earth. If I hated George Bush, I would still think it was tacky for anyone to waste such an occasion throwing stones at any former president who is sitting behind you over your left left shoulder…" And — on the other side, from William J. LePetomane: "Promises made, promises kept already. I give him a clear grade of A." Keep the thoughts coming. And we’re now accepting ideas for the next weekend’s survey…

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