Octuplets Born! That’ll Be 22,304 Diapers A Year

Jan 27, 2009 10:05am

ABC’s Tom Johnson from New York:


You read correctly: One mother, 8 babies.  They were born yesterday in California.  That’s a whopping 24 pounds worth of love.

How big?

The infants weights range from the littlest at 1 pound, 8 ounces to the biggest — 3 pounds, 4 ounces.  2 were placed on ventilators but this morning all 8 are breathing on their own. 

Did they see this coming?

Doctors were expecting 7.  One dodged the peering gaze of the sonogram.  Maybe he was hiding behind a spleen.

How do you deliver that many? 

It took a team of 46 including doctors, nurses and assistants.  And a lot of hospital real estate.  4 delivery rooms in all were needed.  Doctors say the mother was awake during the c-section. 

Boys?  Girls?

6 boys and 2 girls.

Record breaker?

This is only the second known time in US history that a mother has delivered 8.  10 years ago in Texas a couple had 8.  Sadly, within a week one of the babies passed away. 

Breast or Bottle?

According to her doctors Mom plans to breastfeed all 8.  "She is a very strong woman", one of the doctors added.

What now?

The family will stay in the hospital for at least 10 weeks. 

And the diapers?

Some quick searching has turned up a estimate of how many diapers the average baby goes through in their first year:  2,788.  Multiply by 8 and their looking at 22,304 diapers in the coming year.  1-800 Diapers here we come.

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