The Morning Meeting: Stimulus Money, Obama’s World Of Change, Senator Not-Kennedy, and A Stem Cell Breakthrough

By Thomas Nagorski

Jan 23, 2009 11:46am

After more than a year of campaign talk about "Change" — "Change Is Coming," "Change You Can Believe In," etc — we now have a better idea of the manifestations of change, in an Obama Administration. Transparency in government; the embrace of a sped-up withdrawal plan for U.S. forces in Iraq; and the dismantling of the entire architecture of the post-9/11 prison and interrogation system. Today, change on a somewhat smaller scale: the restoration of U.S. funding for family planning groups that are involved in abortion. And today we get the outlines of the staggering economic stimulus package.

It’s a lot to absorb — for reporters, and of course for the country. We’ll do our best tonight — and spend what time remains on the other news: The New York Senator whose name is not Kennedy (it’s Gillibrand); the former prisoner at Guantanamo Bay who went through a "terror rehab" program in Saudi Arabia, only to become a newly-minted Al Qaeda leader; and the milestone in embryonic stem-cell research.

Also tonight — our Person of the Week. He’s been at Barack Obama’s side — even more so than Michelle Obama — on the road to the White House.

Stay tuned…

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