The Morning Meeting: Clinton Hearing, War Games, Guantanamo, Gaza

By Thomas Nagorski

Jan 13, 2009 9:55am

How the news world looks today:

As we write, Hillary Clinton is opening her prepared testimony – which is to include references to American "smart power", and her belief that American influence is "wanting, but still wanted". There will be questions about various global hot spots, and about Bill Clinton and donors to his foundation – obvious issue there being any potential conflicts of interest.

There’s a fascinating transfer-of-power event at the White House this morning — it’s away from the cameras but we’re reporting on it as best we can. For the first time, there will be war games involving both a sitting and an in-the-wings administration. Obama and Bush senior officials will conduct a "disaster scenario", and the scenario itself is interesting — as is the fact that they are making it public: multiple attacks on U.S. soil, including IED attacks.

And there’s a fascinating question — and dilemma — for the President-elect (as if he needs more dilemmas): So he wants to shut the prison at Guantanamo Bay — then what? What to do with 248 men still held there — few if any of whom appear to be welcome in other nations?

Other stuff we’re covering today: the media war over the Gaza war; the manhunt for the pilot who parachuted from his plane over Alabama; an Arctic blast hammers the Midwest; and three heads of state who stayed with President Bush through thick and thin — Messrs. Blair, Howard, and Uribe — are presented with the Presidential Medal of Freedom today, by Mr. Bush.

Stay tuned.

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