World Newser: Last Day To Rate Obama’s First Week

By Thomas Nagorski

Jan 26, 2009 3:36pm

One more day to rank the president — in our survey of "Week One". Care to grade the new President? Inaugural Address Too partisan? Was it appropriate to criticize (even obliquely) the former President? Was the language "soaring" enough? Too "abstract" — and "not enough" for the challenges we face (that’s the view of Nobel-Prize winning economist Paul Krugman)? Or just the right tone — sober, serious, yet hopeful? Click here to watch his speech. Inaugural Parties O.K. to celebrate? Wrong tone, in these difficult times? And the dress (actually, we don’t care about that stuff — but if you do, weigh in…) Click here to watch their first dance. Day One It was a mix of ceremony (National Cathedral; the "Open House") and gravity (calls to Mideast leaders; meetings with top economic and national security teams). A good mix? Sea Change On Fighting Terrorism This seems the most contentious business thus far — even if Obama had signaled such changes during the campaign: Guantanamo Bay’s prison to be closed; interrogation techniques regulated; and those "black hole" secret CIA prisons shut down. Was this the correct thing to do, to bring U.S. tactics more clearly in line with the constitution — and remove a recruiting tool of the terrorists? Or was it shortsighted — even dangerous — because cases may now be heard in U.S. courts? Or because dangerous men may be more likely to go free? The Press Secretary Were you able to catch any of Robert Gibbs’ first briefings? What’d you think? Click here for a clip. Overall A through F. What’s your grade for President Obama? We’ll post the utterly unscientific results tomorrow…

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