Congratulations Yankee Fans, With This Ticket You Can Look At A Wall

Feb 25, 2009 11:07am

ABC’s Jan Simmonds from New York: When the new Yankee Stadium opens in a few months, baseball fans will get to enjoy lots of great amenities. There will be larger seats, more leg room, more bathrooms and food choices, and better sight lines. Well most people will get better sight lines. On Tuesday, New York Newsday’s Neil Best reported that baseball fans who buy tickets in a section of the left field bleachers will have a surprise waiting for them. There is wall of a restaurant blocking their views to most of right field. (To a lesser degree the same, but opposite, occurs in the left field bleachers) In an interview with Best, New York Yankees COO Lonn Trost noted that that was the case but added "we will have TVs in the walls there." TVs? Really? You can buy a ticket to watch part of the game on TV? " We had a choice of selling it to somebody or not. If you come to the stadium you’ll see there are TVs in the walls. [Some views are obstructed] a little bit, but for $12 it’s a choice of taking it or not," Trost went on to tell Best. Now in an effort for full disclosure, I am a longtime New York Mets fan and have since learned that other publications such as New York magazine have noted this unique characteristic in the new Yankee Stadium, but how mad would you be if you bought that ticket? Twelve dollars may not mean a lot to Lonn Trost, but in these difficult economic times many Yankee fans’ only option will be the bleacher seats. Hopefully those purchasing those tickets will be made aware of the view they are in for.

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