The Morning Meeting

By Thomas Nagorski

Feb 3, 2009 10:58am

Sometimes the morning conversation is trumped by something that happens as soon as we’re done talking. Today it was the news — still unfolding — that Nancy Killefer is withdrawing her nomination to be the new administration’s Chief Performance Officer. Haven’t heard of her? She was brought in to — among other things — help with accountability in high places. Why’s she pulling back? Tax issues. Sound familiar?

So now we have three cases — Geithner, Daschle, and Killefer — of high-level appointments facing tax-payment questions. Every case is different — both in terms of the tax issue in question and the portfolio of the nominee him/herself. The latest case — Killefer’s — has also provoked this question: Why is she withdrawing — while Geithner was confirmed, and Daschle’s nomination holds?

Charlie Gibson interviews the President this afternoon. The other principal issue, of course, is the fate of the stimulus package — with all sorts of signals that there will be horse-trading and givebacks, and whatever else you want to call it, before this enormous piece of legislation goes to a Senate vote.

Other news today — troubles in Kentucky, nearly a week after the ice storm; an investigation into why medevac choppers crash at such high rates; Iran launches a satellite; and rumors abound about a North Korean missile launch. More to come…

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