Is This Proof That Ghosts Exist?

Mar 27, 2009 8:15am

By AMMU KANNAMPILLY, ABC News London If you think ghost sightings are only for the superstitious, here are a few pictures that might change your mind. British psychologist Richard Wiseman of the University of Hertfordshire recently held what he calls “the largest ever investigation into the photographic evidence for ghosts.” Members of the public were asked to submit photographs of possible ghost sightings to Wiseman. The best images were posted online, after which 250,000 people cast their votes on which pictures showed a genuine ghost. The prize-winning picture, by Christopher Aitchison, is posted above. It was taken at Tantallon Castle in Scotland. Aitchison told Wiseman that he was unaware of anyone — visitor or staff member — being present at the castle opening. Wiseman told ABC News that he has “had a couple of Photoshop experts look at it, and it has not been digitally manipulated.” Here are two more images that received a high number of votes from viewers. The first shows a figure in the woods, and the second shows a figure on the street. In both cases, the photographers say no one was actually there when the picture was taken, and that they cannot account for the “ghostly” presence. What do you think? Are these ghosts or a trick of the light? To see more pictures, go to Read more blogs by Ammu Kannampilly Read more blogs by ABC News staff

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