Is Obama Going Gray?

Mar 5, 2009 2:10pm

Last July Charlie Gibson sat down with then candidate Obama for a conversation in Jerusalem.  The interview was mostly about foreign affairs.  But the subject of graying hair came up.  CHARLIE "If people have a reservation about you, it is that you are young, you are inexperienced and that you are very new to the international stage." OBAMA "Well in order to deal with the first problem, that I’m very young, I’m cropping a lot of gray hair over the last year and a half. But there is no doubt that as somebody who has not been in the national political scene as long as John McCain, that people are going to have more questions, and I think that’s perfectly appropriate." If you read the front page (does one still call it front page given the net?) piece today in the New York Times you’ll see why we raise the above exchange.  The Times’ Helene Cooper makes the case that even though it’s only been 44 days since Obama was sworn in, the Commander in Chief is already sprouting more gray hair. Obama’s not the only one to gray in office.  Two terms took a toll on President Bush, Clinton and Reagan. Click here to check it out.

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