ABC’s “World News with Charles Gibson” wins Overseas Press Club Award

By Coordinator

Apr 23, 2009 11:36am

ABC’s “World News with Charles Gibson” won an Overseas Press Club Award, it was announced last night at the organization’s 70th annual awards ceremony in New York City. ABC News was the only broadcast network to win an award.

ABC’s evening broadcast was awarded the OPC’s David Kaplan Award for Best TV Spot News Reporting for its coverage of the earthquake that devastated China’s Sichuan Province in May 2008. Correspondents Neal Karlinsky and Stephanie Sy, along with a team of camera crews and producers, were among the first foreign reporters on the scene. In the days and weeks that followed, they documented the palpable grief of parents, many of whom had lost their only child in collapsed schools; the massive rescue and recovery efforts; and the Chinese government’s response to this major disaster.

The award recognizes eight pieces that aired on “World News with Charles Gibson” and one that aired on the weekend edition of the broadcast.

Newsmagazine “20/20” received a citation for Chief Investigative Correspondent Brian Ross’ probe into the origins of Chinese corpses exhibited at “BODIES” shows in major American cities and museums around the world. The company putting on the shows maintained that it leased the bodies legally from a medical university in Dalian, China. But when Ross and producers traveled to Dalian, they discovered the bodies were actually coming from a for-profit company operating out of a warehouse. Following the report, Chinese authorities launched an investigation, as did New York Attorney General Anthony Cuomo.

The complete list of winners is available at:

Credit List for “China’s Earthquake: Covering the Disaster”
Correspondents: Stephanie Sy, Neal Karlinsky
Executive Producers: Jon Banner, Vinnie Malhotra
Senior Producers: Kate Felsen, Nils Kongshaug
Producers: Beth Loyd, Chito Romana, Cao Jun, Alice Maggin, Diane Mendez, Justine Schiro, Wonbo Woo, Almin Karamehmedovic, Bruno Roeber, Christina Babarovic, Eduardo Sunol
Editors: Eddy Li, Tyrone Baker
Cameramen: Gamay Palacios, Neal Darby
Soundmen: Wu Jiang, Zhao Cheng Hui
Researcher: Fan Bing
Director of Foreign News Coverage: Chuck Lustig
Foreign Editor: Michael Kreisel
Anchors: Charles Gibson, Dan Harris


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