Gender Roles Are A-Changin’…Big Reax to Our Story

May 5, 2009 12:18pm

We received a lot of interesting response after our piece last night about the recession impacting traditional gender roles. (Click here to watch).

In short, Dan Harris looked at how a good chunk of those loosing their jobs are men and that means women are becoming the primary bread winners in more and more households.  Shaking up the roles in a home can have big impact on a couple.  There was one woman in the story that said she struggled with her husband’s loosing his job and the subsequent role reversal in their home.  She is now the main breadwinner and said this about her husband: "I wish I could say something different, but I’ve lost so much respect for him."

Lots of reaction to that and other aspects of the story:

"I think that lady that said she lost respect for her husband because of a job loss better apologize to him. It wasn’t his fault, first of all, and the bible says to respect your husband, the head of the family, no matter what!  – Marti"

"It’s hard to respect anyone – man or woman – who does not pay the bills. – Alana"

"I hear everyone saying "gender roles" Hey everyone! Pitch in and do your part to help your family. The washing machine does not have my wife’s name on it nor the dishwasher. Let’s get real! – Jason."

"It’s interesting that in this episode only the younger generation was represented.  My husband, who has worked in management for mental health/substance abuse agencies for the last ten years lost his job due to organizational structuring six months ago at the age of 55 while I continue to work to support the family.  For most of our 26 years of marriage, he has been the main supporter; now at 55, his chances of getting a job in the mental health field is limited due to restructuring of most of the state and federal government jobs and their propensity to hire a younger generation at a lower rate of pay.  Very scary times for so many…Thank-you, Claire"

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