Guns Rule Congress

By Tom Johnson

May 20, 2009 10:03am

ABC’s Tom Shine reports from Washington:

Everyone loves credit cards.  But Everyone hates the banks that issue them with all those fees and penalties. 

So when Senator Chris Dodd unveiled his tough credit card bill, which placed sweeping restrictions on what the banks could do to the consumers who use their plastic, Senator Tom Coburn knew he had found the perfect vehicle to attach his gun amendment to.

He reasoned, correctly, that he could get enough senators, frightened by the mighty NRA, to support his provision allowing loaded, concealed weapons in national parks and once it became part of the credit card bill, he knew there was no way senators would kill the entire bill just to kill his gun amendment.  It worked perfectly in the Senate.

But the Senate measure with guns attached posed a thorny problem for the House which had passed a weaker credit card bill earlier with no gun amendment attached to it.  Pressured by the Obama Administration to pass the consumer friendly measure before their memorial day recess which starts in just two days house democratic leaders came up with the perfect solution to satisfy both sides.

When the Senate bill hits the House floor this morning, the gun amendment will be taken out so members can vote on it separately.  It will pass.  Then members will get to vote on the credit card bill without the gun amendment. It will pass.  Once both bills pass, they will be "bundled together"and sent to the white house for that pre-memorial day signing photo opt. 

So, when it comes to guns, house members will be able to say they voted for them and against them depending on their audience.

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