A Frog Wedding to Please the Rain Gods

By Sadie Bass

Jun 24, 2009 10:40am

ABC's Ammu Kannampilly reports from London: India’s monsoons are a lifeline for its farming sector, and this year, the rains are expected to be delayed and lower than average. So the residents of Futala, a suburb of the western Indian town of Nagpur, have turned to the time-tested theory that a Hindu wedding between frogs will bring on the rains in a matter of days. Yes, really. Ankita Awasti, a computer science student, told the Indian newspaper, “The Times of India,” that she had heard about many such marriages from her family members, who told her that frog marriages make the Hindu Rain God happy.   Thus began the search for the bride and the groom – the groom, Raja (Hindi for “king”) was found lolling in a drain near the local mental hospital, while the bride, Rani (Hindi for “queen”) was spotted just outside Futala, near Telangkhedi lake. The wedding aroused a lot of interest – hardly surprising given the national obsession with marriage – and 200 people attended the traditional Hindu ceremony, according to Awasti. So, will the rains make an appearance soon? Pandit Pradip Kumar, the priest who officiated at the ceremony certainly thinks so, telling The Times of India that “This is the first time that I have solemnized such a marriage and I am confident that rains would surely arrive soon.” They should do so, the Indian met office expects rain in Futala by the end of the day. More on the story HERE.

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