ABC’s Jim Sciutto’s Twitter Account ‘Hijacked’ By Pro Iranian Government Messengers

By Tom Johnson

Jun 18, 2009 1:41pm

ABC's Chief Foreign Correspondent Jim Sciutto has just left Iran.  His visa, which allowed him to report from the streets of Tehran during the election demonstrations, has expired, requiring him to depart.  He reports now from Dubai: 

The government is now trying to turn technology against the protesters. Officials have started a number of fake opposition pages on Twitter, which are tweeting propaganda and misleading information. I became an unwitting victim when a user named ‘persian_guy’ retweeted several things under my name which I didn’t write. Here are a couple:

Persian_Guy: RT @jimsciuttoABC Moussavi concedes pleads for calm #iranelection #tehran #iran9 #gr88

Persian_Guy: RT @jimsciuttoABC Tehran's upper class leading protests, the majority of the population suffers by the chaos from vocal minority #iran #gr88

That ‘Tehran’s upper class’ are forcing the protests on average Iranians is a common government line, dismissing the protesters as a bunch of privileged kids. Thankfully, a few of my followers spotted the RT and started spreading the word. Opposition Twitterers have disseminated a list of several fake opposition pages:

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