‘Ahmadinejad called us dust, we showed him a sandstorm’

By Tom Johnson

Jun 16, 2009 9:42am

Here are your quotes of the day:

“It would be wrong for me to be silent about what we’ve seen on the television over the last few days and what I would say to those people who put so much hope and energy and optimism into the political process, I would say to them that the world is watching and inspired by their participation regardless of what the ultimate outcome of the election was…We respect Iranian sovereignty and want to avoid the United States being the issue inside of Iran…It's important that, moving forward, whatever investigations take place are done in a way that is not resulting in bloodshed and is not resulting in people being stifled in expressing their views.” — President Barack Obama, in his first public comments about the vote in Iran

"Ahmadinejad called us Dust, we showed him a sandstorm." — a demonstrator's Twitter message from Iran

"If we do not fix our health care system, America may go the way of GM; paying more, getting less, and going broke." — President Obama again, in his speech to the A.MA.

"This matters for the U.S., not just for California. I can't speak for the president, but when you've got the 8th biggest economy in the world sitting as one of your 50 states, it's hard to see how the country recovers if that state does not." — California Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren, seeking federal help for her state (in The Washington Post)

“I told a joke that was beyond flawed, and my intent is completely meaningless compared to the perception…It's not your fault that it was misunderstood, it's my fault that it was misunderstood." — David Letterman, apologizing to Governor Sarah Palin, her family, and to anyone who was "outraged by the jokes" about Palin and her daughter

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