Alpha-males are out! More proof.

Jun 11, 2009 9:09am

We've been talking about this for months now. Men and women have different management styles—and there's an article in the Guardian now entitled…stand aside alpha-males, the women are coming. The head of the European Professional Women's Network said at a bank and finance meeting that the economic crisis has shown the old style of leadership has not worked–boards need diversity.

In Norway in fact the government has mandated 40 percent female board membership. A few months ago Nick Kristof wrote a fascinating article suggesting a Lehman Sisters might have been a good idea, and noting new research that shows men tend more toward risk-taking in their management styles than women do.

Now–in Womenomics, we're not trying to suggest we don't need men at all! On our book tour we've had a lot of men phoning in to radio shows, or in audiences, seeming miffed that male skills are being slighted. Indeed–one gentleman noted he'd rather be a victim of testosterone wars than estrogen wars.

We're arguing for a mix, ideally. And no wars. But—here's our question for the day. Which is more lethal…estrogen wars or testosterone wars. And—do you see a difference in the way men and women manage?

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