‘Food, Inc.’ Film Opens…On Day of Cookie Dough Recall

By Tom Johnson

Jun 19, 2009 10:23am

This time it's cookie dough.  Nestle is voluntarily recalling Toll House refrigerated cookie dough.  The Colorado Department of Public Health is warning people of possible E. coli contamination.  The warning:  don't eat the raw dough.  Sound advice, regardless of any possible contamination, but then who hasn't licked the bowel…

It does seem every other day there is a recall of some sort of one of our everyday foods.   

With possible bad food in the news it's probably good timing for the film "Food, Inc.", which happens to open in theatres today.  It's a documentary all about the nation's food industry.  The filmmakers argue that corporate food interests are not in line with what's best for the public's health and diet.  ABC's Jon Donvan examined the documentary last night on Nightline.

Speaking recently to the Washington Post, filmmaker Robert Kenner said the following: 

"There is such a conscious effort to not have us think about where our food comes from. I'm not shocked that agribusinesses denied me access to their plants. But they go to great lengths to continue to deliver this image that food is like it's always been, when in reality it's been fundamentally transformed."

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