Twitter: ‘Digital narcissism’ or ‘shared experience’?

By Tom Johnson

Jun 4, 2009 1:46pm

Twitter, Twitter, Twitter!  Are you tired of it yet?

Well, hold that thought for the moment. 

This week's TIME cover story is all about Twitter.  Read it here

Managing Editor Richard Stengel sums up two trains of thought.  He writes:  "Some argue Twitter is a form of digital narcissism, the toy of the moment for an attention-deficit-disordered culture.  But as Johnson (their cover story reporter) notes, the Twitter platform is ultimately about an accretion of tweets, the way hundreds of thousands of pixels form a detailed and complex digital image."  He describes it as, "a prototype of a new kind of shared national experience: people talking to one another in real time about real events."

Which is it?  "Digital narcissism" or "a new kind of shared national experience?  You can exceed 140 characters.

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