A Loss for the NRA

By Tom Johnson

Jul 22, 2009 5:32pm

The NRA lost today.  It was close.  The US Senate voted down a proposal that would have let you — if you have a license – to carry a concealed gun across state lines. 

ABC's Kate Barrett on the NRA's recent success:  "Prior to today's vote, the NRA had prevailed on three major gun-rights bills this year, including measures to lift a federal ban on guns in National Parks, allow stored guns to be carried on Amtrak, and to strip the Washington, D.C., City Council's ability to regulate gun ownership. "

ABC's Tom Shine on the opposition:  "Over 400 mayors took out full page ads in newspapers across the country to oppose it.  They also put their opposition in writing to Democratic leaders Reid and Pelosi.  The Virginia Tech families have appealed to their Senators, Webb and Warner with a newspaper ad of their own: 'Senator Webb and Senator Warner, tell your colleagues that Virginians value the laws we pass, and they should help us make them stronger—not gut them.  Help us save lives.'"

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