Palin potshots

Jul 2, 2009 11:54pm

From trouble at home (with Alaska voters, that is), to the David Letterman insult and imbroglio, to the new and fascinating VF expose that reveals an underbelly to her Vice-Presidential  bid even seamier and more desperate housewifey than we ever could have imagined—it has not been an easy few months for Sarah Palin.

There does seem to be something about Sarah…….something that leaves her ripe for and vulnerable to any and all fun-making. That seems to give license to all forms of below-the-belt humor and leaks and innuendo. Right? She's fair game because she's so…so…well…Sarah. At least that's what we all tell ourselves.

I think we've got to come to our collective senses. Should a governor be our public punching bag? (Obvious exception–if said Governor has abandoned state, for a foreign country, in the name of love, ridicule not only justified, but mandatory.) Do we assume, simply because Palin seems tough enough to nail us from 40 feet with either one of those tight-lipped Alaskan zingers, or the back end of her high-heel, and keep on moving, that she is a woman without feelings?

Todd Purdam managed to unleash a Republican holy war with his compelling account, and it now feels   sort of like we're having a really pointed and insulting conversation in our living room with our nutty relatives about our crazy aunt. One of those awkward conversations where nobody realizes the subject is actually in the room. SHE'S SITTING RIGHT THERE PEOPLE!

I was still in the "big deal, it's just Sarah" camp, until I read the bit about her detractors suggesting she may have been operating with postpartum depression last fall. What I particularly like is that her supporters seem think it helps her out to trumpet this accusation far and wide.  Hmm.  Which side likes her again?

In any event. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Postpartum depression is a serious illness, and hardly one you can put on the back burner while you give a killer convention speech, and then knock the socks off of enthusiastic crowds for weeks on end with your own, um, enthusiasm and exuberance.  So….maybe….just maybe….wild guess here….the depression stuff was male code for ….irrational and difficult female? 

She may have had her moments, behind the scenes, but I'm willing to bet our male prima donna politicians could match Sarah move for move. Is there any chance we could forget the clothes (I really could care less what suits she or anybody else bought), the rumored hysteria, the family craziness, and just focus on what Sarah Palin has done in her state, what she's trying to do, and what sort of candidate she might really be? I mean–that's why–we're told–the republicans are in such a lather about Palin and the leaks and innuendo right now. Many still see her as a serious contender down the road. Let's focus on whether that makes sense. And on treating her with a bit of respect? I think we'll all feel better about ourselves in the morning.

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