Why Sarah Palin Really Quit Us

Jul 9, 2009 11:35pm

The online magazine Slate takes a fairly entertaining stab at answering the biggest political question to come rolling out of Alaska since…..well, since ever! Dahlia Lithwick, a contributing editor at Newsweek and senior editor at Slate, calls the soon-to-be ex governor “gorgeous, charismatic, warm, and funny.” Adding that Palin “has a remarkable ability to connect with her listeners.”But Lithwick ultimately explains:”Once you understand that Palin's only actual message is the importance of loving and understanding Palin, it becomes easier to understand why she quit. The more Palin tries to explain herself, the more we all fail to get her. Every time she goes off script, she makes less sense. No wonder she didn't want to do debate prep or be coached by the McCain communications team. Instead of thanking those who packaged, explained, and spun her, Palin resents them. And because she believes she has been crystal clear all along, she's come to resent us, too. The enduring political lesson of Sarah Palin may simply be that for most of her political career she's been lost in translation, without fully appreciating that only in translation was she ever, briefly found.”

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