ABC News Statements on the passing of Don Hewitt

By Natalia Labenskyj

Aug 19, 2009 2:33pm

Statement by ABC News President David Westin on the passing of Don Hewitt:
"Don Hewitt taught us all by his example just how good television news could be.  He was a brilliant producer, a formidable competitor and a good friend.  He forever changed television journalism, which will not be the same without him."

Statement by Diane Sawyer:
"Don was all genius and joy. He loved that he added the first female reporter to the 60 Minutes team. He greeted every brand new story with the excitement of a cub reporter. At a fancy political dinner party, he once made me crawl under the table and out of the room to scoop the competition on some fact he had learned. (On radio. At midnight.)

He was one of those bosses who made you braver. One of those visionaries who made you believe. I loved him. And feel today a light has dimmed — one that illuminates and celebrates this world."  

Statement by Barbara Walters:
"Don Hewitt was probably the greatest news producer in television. He was original, creative, far-seeing and had an amazing gut instinct. To lose Walter Cronkite and Don Hewitt at almost the same time is truly the end of a remarkable era in news."

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