ABC News Coverage of 9/11 Anniversary

By Coordinator

Sep 10, 2009 5:48pm

ABC News will cover the 8th anniversary of the September 11th attacks across its broadcasts and platforms.


Coverage begins this evening on “World News with Charles Gibson” and “Nightline” with an exclusive report by Chief Investigative Correspondent Brian Ross. He sits down for an interview with Eli Assad, an undercover FBI operative who infiltrated alleged domestic terror cells by posing as Osama bin Laden’s representative in this country. In Assad’s first interview he tells Ross that in 2001 he worked his way into a small Florida mosque and met regularly with Mohammed Atta, later identified as the 9/ll hijack leader.  Assad says the FBI called him off the Atta assignment for another case that was easier but ultimately less productive.


Friday’s “Good Morning America” will include a report from Senior Foreign Affairs Correspondent Martha Raddatz on US efforts to combat terrorism. Raddatz will also update viewers on the war in Afghanistan and preview President Obama’s speech at the Pentagon.  Chief Investigative Correspondent Brian Ross will report on security in New York City – eight years later is the city any safer?  During the 8:30AM ET half hour, “Good Morning America” will broadcast live coverage of the ceremonies at Ground Zero.


At approximately 9:30AM ET on Friday, Diane Sawyer and Robin Roberts will anchor live coverage of President Obama’s remarks at the Pentagon memorial service. 


ABC News’ Jim Sciutto and Rich Esposito were given exclusive access to the NYPD's global Intelligence & Counter Terrorism bureaus. From radiation detection boats patrolling New York Harbor, to the NYPD's hidden intelligence-gathering nerve center, to NYPD agents at work overseas, ABC News takes an unprecedented look inside the NYPD's effort in New York and overseas to prevent another terror attack. ABC News learns exclusively, the exact nature of the threats against New York, and where today’s extremists are bred. Sciutto’s reports will air on “World News with Charles Gibson” on Friday and on Saturday’s “Good Morning America” and “World News”.


Also “World News” will recognize The New York Says Thank You Foundation as its Persons of the Week.   Each year on 9/11, the foundation, sends volunteers to a place in the country where there’s been a disaster in order to help the community rebuild. It is an effort to thank the rest of the country for the support it gave New York after the terrorist attacks of September 11th. Now in its fifth year, the foundation with its hundreds of volunteers has helped hard-hit areas in California, Texas and along the Gulf Coast.


On "Nightline," ABC News anchor Bob Woodruff sits down exclusively with renowned journalist and author Jon Krakauer to discuss his highly anticipated new book about former NFL star Pat Tillman. Tillman, who joined the Army Rangers after 9/11 and died leaving behind a lucrative football contract, kept a journal up until the day he died. Krakauer was given exclusive access to this journal and Tillman's letters home to his wife and shares some of their content with Woodruff in this revealing interview. will provide complete coverage of the day's events and will have original reporting and video from all broadcast platforms. The site will also live stream ABC News NOW's coverage on the Homepage. ABC News NOW will begin its live coverage, anchored by TJ Winick, at 8:40AM at the start of the ceremony at the site of World Trade Center.


NewsOne will provide live reports with John Hendren in Washington, DC and Linsey Davis at Ground Zero for ABC stations and international partners. 


ABC News Radio will provide live coverage anchored by Correspondent Cheri Preston from 8:40am through 8:55am ET when the first plane struck the World Trade Center as well as during events taking place at Ground Zero in New York City and when President Obama delivers remarks from the Pentagon. Aaron Katersky will report from Ground Zero in New York, Ann Compton will report from the White House and Steven Portnoy will be at The Pentagon. ABC News Radio will also provide twice hourly Status Reports on the day’s events from 8:30AM through 11:30AM ET.

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