“This Week” is #1 Among Adults 25-54 And #2 in Total Viewers for Sunday November 22nd

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Nov 30, 2009 2:16pm

This Week” Closes Year to Year Total Viewing Gap with “Meet” By 92% and for 38th Week This Year


Year to Date, ABC Cuts Total Viewing Gap with NBC by 60%


For the November Sweep “This Week” is #2 Among Total Viewers 7th Straight Sweep


For Sunday November 22, 2009, ABC News “This Week with George Stephanopoulos” was the #1 Sunday morning program in the key Adults 25-54 demographic and #2 among total viewers, according to Nielsen Media Research.  Posting 940,000 Adults 25-54, “This Week” grew +21% versus the prior week in the demo.  In Total Viewers, “This Week” reported 2.870 million, an increase of +2% week to week.  NBC’s “Meet the Press” in comparison declined week to week -9% in the demo and -5% in total viewers.  


Versus the same week last year, ABC cut into NBC’s total viewing lead for the 38th week this year.  “This Week” closed the total viewing gap with “Meet” by 930,000 viewers or 92% (80,000 in 2009 vs. 1,010,000 in 2008).


2009 year-to-date, “This Week” continues to cut the total viewing and demo gaps with “Meet” as well.  Among Total Viewers for 2009 so far, “This Week” has closed the gap with “Meet” by 60% (510,000 in 2009 vs. 1,290,000 in 2008) compared to last year.   Among Adults 25-54, the gap has been cut by 56% versus the same time period last year (200,000 in 2009 vs. 450,000 in 2008).


For the November 2009 Sweep, according to Nielsen, “This Week” was the second most watched Sunday morning discussion program among total viewers for the 7th straight sweep.  Posting an average of 2.80 million total viewers, “This Week” narrowed the total viewing gap with “Meet” by 73% (270,000 in 2009 vs. 1,000,000 in 2008) versus the November 2008 sweep.  In Adults 25-54, “This Week” closed the gap with “Meet” by 70% (100,000 in 2009 vs. 330,000 in 2008) versus the November 2008 Sweep.


George Stephanopoulos’ guests on November 22 were Senators Tom Coburn (R-OK), Ben Nelson (D-NE), and Representatives Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) and Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL). The round table featured Liz Cheney, Walter Isaacson, Robert Reich and George Will.


George Stephanopoulos is the anchor of “This Week” and Ian Cameron is the executive producer. The program airs Sundays on the ABC Television Network.


(Sunday, November 22, 2009)


    TOTAL VIEWERS    A25-54 MM/Rtg

ABC “THIS WEEK”   2,870,000   940,000/.8

NBC “MEET THE PRESS” 2,950,000   910,000/.7

CBS “FACE THE NATION”     2,600,000   800,000/.6

FOX “FOX NEWS SUNDAY”     1,050,000       420,000/.3 


(November Sweep 2009)

    TOTAL VIEWERS    A25-54 MM/Rtg

ABC “THIS WEEK”   2,800,000    870,000/.7

NBC “MEET THE PRESS” 3,070,000    970,000/.8

CBS “FACE THE NATION”     2,600,000    880,000/.7

FOX “FOX NEWS SUNDAY”     1,200,000    460,000/.4


Source: Nielsen Media Research NTI A25-54 & Total Viewers Wks. of 11/16/09, 11/9/09 & 11/17/08 Live +SD.  Live+7 (where available) & Live +SD for STD &4QTD: 9/21/09-11/22/09 & 9/22/08-11/23/08, YTD: 1/1/09-11/22/09 & 1/1/08-11/23/08 & Nov. '09 Sweep: 10/29/09-11/22/09


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