Diane Sawyer Exclusive: President Obama on Saints and Sasha

By Bradley Blackburn

Jan 25, 2010 6:44pm

Diane Sawyer sat down with President Obama for a wide-ranging interview today.  They talked about politics, healthcare, and his State of the Union plans.  But there was also time for some lighter topics that we want to share: SUPERBOWL PICK SAWYER: Colts, Saints? OBAMA: You know, I think both teams are terrific.  I guess I am rooting a little bit for the Saints as the underdog, partly just because when I think about what's happened in New Orleans over the last several years and how much that team means to them.  You know, I'm pretty sympathetic. PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE SAWYER: Two pictures [of Obama]… Inauguration and first congressional speech. OBAMA: Right. SAWYER: What would you say to him? OBAMA: Um… you're going to look older in a year.  You got a lot more grey, but you know what I'd stay to him?  Stick with it.  That's what I always tell myself.  Just stick with it.  You know, the one thing that I think people in this town forget is that the kinds of political setbacks that we experience are nothing compared to the setbacks that a guy who loses his job goes through, and he's sending out 100 resumes.  They get up every day, and they go out for that next interview, and they keep on interviewing until they find that next job.  Those are the people that inspire me. FAMILY OBAMA: Michelle told me that after we went to Sasha's basketball game that I need to show Sasha how to shoot her shot a little more effectively.  So yesterday, we went out and went to the gym for about an hour, and nothing was more therapeutic than taking my daughters to shoot some baskets.  That's the stuff that grounds you.  

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