California to Go ‘Cuss-Free?’

By Sadie Bass

Feb 26, 2010 10:36am

ABC's Bradley Blackburn blogs from New York: It's a bar of soap in the mouth for an entire state:  California's lawmakers have approved a "Cuss-Free Week" to encourage the state's citizens to watch their language. The resolution can’t punish anyone for foul language, but the lawmaker who introduced the bill hopes Californians will “act like you’re at your grandma’s house.” “Cuss-Free Week” was inspired by South Pasadena high school student McKay Hatch, who created a 'no-cussing club' at his school two years ago.  While cussing is commonplace in today's culture, 16-year-old Hatch thinks it can do real harm.  He says that cussing is linked to drug use, bully, and other bad behavior. Hatch's mission hasn't been easy.  Last year, he was the target of an online attack, with anonymous people spamming his email address with crude messages. Still, his idea is catching on – last year, Los Angeles County declared a No Cussing Week, and now it may spread statewide.  Hatch's website,, has over 35,000 members, and he's hopes to take the clean language trend global. "Next year, I want to do a world tour," Hatch told the AP.  "Cussing is a hard habit to break, but anyone can do it." The California resolution still has to be approved by the Senate, but if the chamber votes yes, “Cuss-Free Week” will start next Tuesday.

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