Do You Live in One of ‘America’s Safest City Neighborhoods’?

By Bradley Blackburn

Feb 25, 2010 5:47pm

ABC's Nina Terrero reports from New York: Though America’s cities have cracked down on crime in recent years, they’ve found it’s even tougher to erase a bad reputation.  The lingering stigma of a once-high crime rate can hamper a city’s economic growth and put a strain on local resources.  However, a new list of America’s safest city neighborhoods may help to put those fears to rest – it turns out that many neighborhoods in the country’s largest cities are actually safer than the suburbs, with some of the lowest crime index rates.’s list of America’s safest city neighborhoods will surprise many, given that 74% of Americans believe crime has increased in the past year, according to a recent Gallup poll – the highest perception of crime reported since the early 1990′s. It’s no secret that crime rates can impact quality of life.  It affects public school systems, home values, real estate appreciation, and even whether it’s safe to pick up take-out around the corner or walk your dog at night. Dr. Andrew Schiller, a researcher and geographer who compiled FBI crime statistics used to profile cities on the list, described awareness of safe city neighborhoods as important because “it’s extremely common that people will conclude that a certain city is unsafe; instead, many large cities have beautifully safe neighborhoods.”  Beautifully safe neighborhoods?  That’s not what many would say about New York or L.A., but Dr. Schiller said that people who left cities in the “urban flight” movement over the last 30-40 years citing “high costs, congestion, and the perceived advantages of suburbia” were wrong.  He said they’ve left in their wake “quiet, convenient and safe areas within America’s cities.” These city neighborhoods are, by Dr. Schiller’s computations, safer than 96% of America’s inner ring suburbs and are often overlooked because of long-standing stereotypes.  So check it out – do you live in one of America’s safest city neighborhoods?'sList of America's Safest City Neighborhoods

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