I Can Walk Like a Penguin

By David Schoetz

Feb 10, 2010 12:21pm

Great Into the Wild last night from Jeffrey Kofman on the Magellanic penguins of Punta Tombo, Argentina, and a woman reasearcher named Dee Boersma, who has made it her mission to try to save them. Click here for a slideshow from Punto Tombo and click here for the “March of the Penguins” segment. In Cynthia McFadden’s introduction to the piece, she noted that it’s tough not love a penguin, with those funny tuxedo-like coats and their unmistakable waddle.  And it got me thinking about a classic advertisement for the New England Aquarium circa 1980 that anyone growing up in New England in that time might remember. The concept was a father surprising his wife, son and daughter with a trip to the aquarium, where the whole family oohs and aahs at sharks, starfish, a giant turtle, and, of course, the dolphin show. But it is one indelible moment about midway through the 30-second spot, when the daughter mimics a penguin and honkingly says, “I can walk like a penguin.” It should be no surprise that “I Can Walk Like a Penguin” has been posted to YouTube — please watch it embedded below — and has been been viewed forty-two thousand times. I am still working on embedding external videos, so for now, click here to watch “The New England Aquarium: Where families get together.” 

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