University of Buffalo Evacuates Students; Police Still Searching for Suspect

By Brennan McCord

Feb 17, 2010 11:49am

ABC News' Brennan McCord reports:

The University at Buffalo evacuated students, faculty, and staff Tuesday as witnesses reported they saw a person with a rifle in the library.  Though no one was injured in the incident, it’s a scene that’s become all too familiar.

There have been over 20 violent shootings in just three years since the Virginia Tech Massacre in 2007, from the Amish School shooting at Nickel Mines to the Pennsylvania Fitness Club shooting.  In most cases, there has generally been a common theme to the alleged shooters: a troubling past.

Case in point: police found two typed notes in bag of the Pennsylvania LA Fitness shooter at the scene, each reflecting his extreme frustration and depression with life and women. 
Nidal Hasan, suspected of killing 13 in the Fort Hood shooting in November 2009, compared suicide bombers to soldiers in internet postings.  In the recent University of Alabama shooting, the accused shooter, Amy Bishop, was said to have screamed and cursed at children and had face-to-face confrontations with neighbors. Bishop was charged with assault court for allegedly punching a mother of two in the head when the victim was given the last booster seat at a Massachusetts pancake restaurant. 

“For a faculty member to murder colleagues after denial of tenure would probably require ‘standard’ experiences of disappointment, a sense of betrayal and desperation, and the additional burden of mental illness – either a severe depression or some form of psychosis,” Dr. Stephen Shuchter, professor of clinical psychiatry emeritus at The University of California, San Diego, told ABC News.

University at Buffalo police are still searching for their suspect: a white male in his 20s with short brown hair that may or may not have been carrying a rifle in the University library.

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