Feb 5, 2010 11:02am

ABC News' Tom Shine and Hanna Siegel report:

If you live in Washington DC or the surrounding suburbs, stop worrying about those runaway Toyotas, the certain-to-happen in 6 months al-Qaeda attack on the homeland and the H1N1 flu virus.  There's a killer storm on the way and it's bringing tons of that deadly white stuff!
It's hard to figure out just what will be worse; the 16 to 18 to 20 to 24 to 30 to 34 inches of snow or all that non-stop chatter by local weather people and reporters with all those scary scenarios and those Digital Doppler weather maps behind them exploding in terrifyingly bright colors.  The most listened to and watched local weather guy told viewers last evening that he didn't want to use the word "crippling" but then went on to describe the pending storm as just that, crippling.   His own station did a spot, repeated several times over the past few days, on how depressed people get during these winter storms, and then went right on spewing out the doom and gloom and depressing them even more. 
The DC Metro, which has been given a hefty grant of millions of dollars  to protect their riders from a terrorist attack, hasn't figured out yet how to get their passengers home safely in a snow storm.  Last night their pleas to report unattended bags, broadcast overhead frequently throughout the system, were replaced by warnings that once the snow accumulates to 8 inches or more, all above ground train stations will close.  Feel free to ride the underground trains till you drop!   

There are, however, two girls who are perfectly happy with the latest weather disaster–Malia and Sasha Obama whose school, Sidwell Friends, is closed today. USA Today reports that the President was a little surprised.  "My children's school was cancelled today, because of what? Some ice?" It turns out the Obama girls never had the luxury of snow days in Chicago, where the public schools haven't closed for weather since 1999. But today, Sasha and Malia, ages 7 and 10, are free to build snowmen on the White House lawn…without having to go to class.   

Storm of the century—how many of those have we had—monster storm, super storm, extreme weather and one local prognosticator saying once this is over, another system is on the way for this area Tuesday into Wednesday—WEATHER TERROR!  

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