Are Hot Chilies the Latest Weapon in the War on Terror?

By Sadie Bass

Mar 23, 2010 10:27am

ABC's Karen Russo reports from New Delhi: The world’s strongest chilli may become the hottest new weapon in the war on terror. India’s military has converted the spiciness of the “bhut jolokia” or “ghost chili” to make tear-gas grenades, according to the Associated Press. “After it was discovered that it was the hottest chilli in the world certain trials were conducted in which ways it could be used. Even a trial on a grenade have been done and the trial has been successful,” Col Kalia told ABC News. Col Kalia said the tear-gas grenade is still in the trial stage and no date has been set for its release. For years, the bhut jolokia has been admired around the world by spicy chilli enthusiasts. In 2007 it was accepted by the Guinesss World Records as the world’s spiciest. Kalia added that the non-lethal, non-toxic tear-gas could be used to prevent elephants attacks – which are common in Assam. Instead of shooting or killing the elephants and wild animals which frequently roam into villages, the residents could spray the chilli gas and deter the animals from attacking. In the future, the chilli may also be used as a form of mace, according to Col Kalia.
The country’s culinary prize is grown in the country’s far eastern states where tea plantations cover the beautiful green hillsides.

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