Are You a Coupon Clipper? Meet the Masters

By David Schoetz

Mar 25, 2010 7:01pm

A quick preview of tonight's lead segment, a John Donvan/Maggie Burbank production that could save your family thousands of dollars each year. We gave Nathan Engels, aka "Mr. Coupon," and Jill Cataldo, aka "The Coupon Queen," $50 and said buy as much stuff as you can. You will be amazed at how far they stretch the dollar. (The mosaic-by-Jell-O box above is by Engels after scoring some unbelievable bulk deal.) Tonight, these "super couponers" share their tips. You may be amazed at how much money you're wasting. For example, are you using your "Catalina" coupons? Will embed the segment in the morning. ——————– UPDATE: Embedded below is the "The Super Couponers," which got a largely positive reaction on Twitter during the show last night. I know we were all amazed at how far these two stretched the $50 we gave them. Here's where some of the coupon madness goes down:  Nathan Engels: Jill Cataldo:  

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