Faith and Science Collide: A Future for God?

By David Schoetz

Mar 22, 2010 5:02pm

Does God have a future? That’s the primary question teed up in tomorrow night’s “Face-off” debate, framed around the delicate but undeniable tension between God and science. Dan Harris, who has brought “Nightline” several “Faith Matters” reports, moderated the event before a packed, partisan crowd at Cal Tech on March 14, pictured above. It is scheduled to air tomorrow night — that’s Tuesday, March 23, 11:35 p.m. ET. Earlier today, Harris told me the substance of the debate transcends the standard atheist-versus-believer conflict, probing the question, “Are we at a point in history where science proves or disproves the existence of God?” Squaring off are familiar foes — on one side, spiritualist Deepak Chopra; on the other, skeptic Michael Shermer — each flanked with backup support onstage and in the audience. And while these two have locked intellectual horns several times before, they had never actually met in person. Why not invite about a thousand people for the occasion? “To have a live audience is a huge difference,” Harris said, describing one particularly lively exchange between a physicist in the audience and Chopra. It is the sixth “Face-off” debate, following closely on the heels of last month’s “Is It Okay to Be Fat?” debate.  The topic, however, is more in line with another moderated by Harris and participated in by Chopra, which posed the question “Does Satan Exist?”  There is already been some buzz about the #futureofgod debate, including this write-up from a Whittier Daily News reporter who covered it. As always, we hope to hear from you. ——————– UPDATE: You can read the report HERE. Click HERE for a slideshow of images from the event. And embedded below is a spirited preview clip in which Chopra defends his scientific credentials. It should be a good one.

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