Tiny Camera Could Be Future of Police Work

By Sadie Bass

Mar 9, 2010 4:53pm

ABC's Pierre Thomas and Jack Cloherty report: A new camera and sound system that can be worn like a headset may change police work as we know it.  The new Taser head set cam is being tested now in four American cities, and the cops seem to think is it a game changer. Cincinnati police chief Thomas Streicher said, "It is the next giant step for law enforcement in America." The camera puts you in the shoes of the police officer. You can see, hear and experience a confrontation as an officer does. The video looks like a something from a movie or a high-end video game. But this is no video game – it’s real. Tonight on World News, you will experience what it is like to chase a dangerous suspect down a dark alley, as seen through the eyes of a young Cincinnati police officer.  The suspect turns on the officer, and manages to wrestle her taser away from her, but police backup arrives, and the man is eventually subdued.  It is video of potentially deadly incidents like that make the video so valuable. Chief Streicher says the cameras not only provide virtually ‘bullet proof’ evidence in criminal cases witnessed by an officer, but they provide police accountability as well.  “The camera doesn’t lie,” Streicher said. And he pointed out that the camera can also provide evidence that can exonerate a police officer when his or her conduct is challenged.  “This is transparency,” he said. The camera is being tested in Cincinnati, Fort Smith, AK., San Jose, CA., and Aberdeen, SD.

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