Is Obama’s $6 Billion Space Pledge Worth It?

By David Schoetz

Apr 16, 2010 12:13am

A large meteor streaked across five states in the Midwest last night — lighting up the sky and setting off a wave of emergency calls. But it is another mystery of space that had tongues wagging today, as President Barack Obama pledged to explore new horizons, talking about manned missions to an asteroid and then on to Mars.  Speaking at the Kennedy Space Center, the president unveiled his plan for NASA, which includes a $6 billion boost in funding over five years. "Broadening our capabilities in space will continue to serve our society in ways that we can scarcely imagine," he said, "because exploration will once more inspire wonder in a new generation — sparking passions and launching careers — and because, ultimately, if we fail to press forward in the pursuit of discovery, we are ceding our future and we are ceding that essential element of the American character." The funding boost comes as several other federal programs are frozen. The president has been criticized in the past for not wanting to send a seventh manned mission to the moon. Today, he answered that question bluntly, "We've been there before." So tonight, we ask you: Is spending $6 billion more on the space program worth it? Tell us what you think. Embedded below is some pretty cool raw video of last night's meteor over the Midwest.

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