Kim Jong Il: Global Fashion Icon?

By Sadie Bass

Apr 7, 2010 2:03pm

ABC's Joohee Cho reports from Seoul: We’re all used to the North Korean propaganda machine pumping out claims that their people are living in heaven. State media runs endless stories glorifying their ‘Dear Leader’ Kim Jong il who provides food and shelter and keeps his people safe from the world's imperialist evil forces. But they’ve now taken on a new angle — apparently the world is crazy about 'Kim Jong-Il fashion'. Today's Rodong Shinmun, the communist party-controlled daily newspaper quotes an un-named French fashionista who has witnessed a wave of 'Kim Jong-Il style' all over the world.  "The 'Kim Jong-Il style fad' that is rapidly spreading out to the world today is a very special fad that is unprecedented in human history."
What exactly is the Kim Jong-Il look? He is most often seen sporting a two-piece army suit, bouffant hairdo, Ray-ban sunglasses, and platform shoes. While his army style jacket may have inspired the nameless French fashionista Kim wears it for a more practical reason – it is hiding his bullet-proof vest. His long time trademark bouffant hairdo, which apparently has been significantly lowered due to hair loss, and the whopping 6-inch high platform hidden heels are also were both tricks to make him look taller.
This style has led to global recognition according to the Rodong Shinmun, and even acolytes 'Hot Waves of Praise for the Great, Runs Through the Universe,' the paper says. “People around the world are attracted to and following not only the jacket our Great Leader is wearing, but also his attitude, facial expressions, hand gestures, and even his handwriting." It’s unlikely that even the most keen graphologists would have seen the Great Leader’s handwriting considering the secretive nature of his regime.
The paper goes on to proclaim that it is Kim’s 'holy' and 'populist character' which appreciates 'humble, elegant, and common things' that has led to a 'deep impression and a big shock' for people around the world. But the fundamental reason for his fashion icon status they claim, is because 'his great posture is extraordinary'. The humble jacket, they conclude, is now considered 'the most valuable and noble item' to have and is bringing 'Kim Jong-Il style fashion' to the world.

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