Mia Farrow & Naomi Campbell’s ‘Blood Diamond’

By David Schoetz

Apr 22, 2010 2:46pm

Better get something out on this — the latest Naomi Campbell temper flare-up, caught by our cameras and already getting plenty of attention — including a Page Six write-up in this morning's New York Post. The full report in scheduled to air tonight. Embedded below is the preview clip. The ABCNews.com report from chief investigative correspondent Brian Ross and Ross Unit producer Anna Schecter is HERE. The accompanying slideshow is HERE. Essentially, we ask Campbell about allegations she took an uncut diamond from deposed African despot Charles Taylor — the former president of Liberia now on trial for crimes against humanity. He is accused of orchestrating bloody massacres to ensure a personal profit from the Sierra Leone diamond trade. Adding to the intrigue is the source of the allegation against Campbell — actress Mia Farrow — who told prosecutors in the Hague she overheard Campbell describing a "huge diamond" she received in the middle of the night from Taylor's men during a shared stay at Nelson Mandela's home.  The four can be seen in the group photo above from the visit. Farrow recounts the alleged description in an interview with ABC News. The special court prosecutors say Campbell, perhaps now more famous for a hot temper than modeling, has refused their request for an interview about the allegations. She did, however, deny them to ABC News before walking out of the interview and punching the camera when pressed. In his testimony before the court, Taylor denied either having a large quantity of diamonds or giving one to Campbell. Enough preview — tune in tonight for the full report.   ——————– UPDATE: Here is full report, "Brian Ross Investigates: Blood Diamond."  

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