Sons of Sniper, Jonestown Leader Reflect

By David Schoetz

Apr 14, 2010 6:39pm

A set up for tonight's lead segment, a Neal Karlinsky/Alyssa Litoff report about the psychological challenges of being born to one of history's most notorious men. We interviewed the sons of two of the 21st century's highest-profile killers. One, Lindbergh Williams, the 27-year-old son of D.C. Sniper John Allen Muhammad. The other, Stephan Jones, the 50-year-old son of Jim Jones, the cult leader responsible for the mass suicide of 900 temple members at Jonestown in 1978. Both men candidly reflect on how they are like – and unlike — their fathers. Wlliams, who was with Muhammad immediately preceding his execution, talks about those final moments together — and his father's ashes which he still keeps in a cardboard box, pictured at left. Stephan Jones, a teenager at the time, recounts being in Guyana when the mass suicide took place and the twisted aftermath. Click HERE for the full report. Will update with the segment in the morning. For now, embedded below, is a 30-year anniversary report about Jonestown, a tragic event that remains as fascinating as it is frightening.
UPDATE: Here is the segment from last night's show.

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